About Tridien

About Tridien

Leading Today and Setting Benchmarks for Tomorrow

Headquartered in Coral Springs, FL, Tridien develops, manufactures and markets medical devices, specifically support surfaces and patient positioning devices. Our industry-leading products help patients and their caregivers prevent and treat debilitating pressure wounds.

Since our inception in 2006, we have experienced significant growth following the strategic acquisitions of AMF Support Surfaces, Anatomic Concepts, Primatech Medical and SenTech Medical Systems, all of which were pioneers and leaders in our core markets.

We provide OEM, CM and private labeling services for medical mattresses, patient positioning devices and residence hall mattresses. Our commitment to reliable supply, innovative problem-solving and exceptional service ensures that we offer our customers the highest quality products and services.

We have product design and manufacturing facilities in Florida, Indiana and California. Each facility adheres to good manufacturing practices (GMP) to ensure that their output is consistently exceptional. All facilities are certified to ISO-13485, FDA 21 CFR and CE standards.

Our innovative products are designed and developed by talented teams with decades of experience. We have expertise in the latest global standards and work together to solve problems collaboratively and quickly. With a robust quality management system and committed customer service, we provide our customers with a significant edge over their competition.

Tridien has a rapidly expanding portfolio of products and value-added services. Paired with our deep experience and flexible working style, we are uniquely qualified to compete in today’s complex and dynamic markets.

To learn about our A.R.R.O.W. design and development process, click here.

Tridien’s Core Values

Our values define us as a company and as individuals, providing the foundation for our culture, decision-making, and personal communications. At Tridien, these values direct every facet of our operations, helping us to be the finest people we can be while helping our customers realize financial prosperity and peace of mind.


We accept complete ownership of our actions and inactions, and the consequences of our behavior, both as individuals and as a company.


We commit to an ongoing process to improve our products, services and processes, so that we increase quality, reduce inefficiency and waste, and ultimately deliver superior value to all internal and external stakeholders.


We strive to consistently deliver results that positively influence the financial and overall well-being of our organization and those of our value chain partners.


We unwaveringly demonstrate honesty, fairness and ethical behavior in all aspects of our professional and personal lives.