Bedside Air Chair

Offering you the ability to give the patient care when they are out of bed. The Bedside Airchair provides therapy for both the back and the seat of the patient.

Therapy that works

The Tridien patented family of Air Chairs extends proven alternating relief from the bed to the chair.

Bedside Air Chair Features

  • 35 alternating air cells
  • 2″ inflated cell height
  • 2 minute alternating cycle
  • Adjustable placement straps to secure to any stretcher or chair
  • Patented moisture-proof coverlet
  • Choice of electronic controllers.
  • Standard Airchair or Mobile (battery operated).
  • Integrated patient positioning aid


Physical Dimensions:
Height (Inches) 8
Width (Inches) 8 (9, including air ports)
Depth (Inches) 4
Weight (Pounds) 6

Electrical Specifications:
US and Canada:
UL2601 Classification Class II
Type B
Power Requirements 120VAC, 60Hz
External Fuse 2A 250V, Fast Acting (UL-Approved)
Maximum Current < 0.5A
Ground Earth

Operating Parameters:
Weight Range (Pounds) 80-280.

Environmental Conditions:
Operating Conditions:

Ambient Temperature (oC) +10 to +40
Relative Humidity (%) 30 to 75
Atmospheric Pressure (hPa) 700 to 1060

Storage/Shipping Conditions:
Ambient Temperature (oC) -20 to +70
Relative Humidity (%) 10 to 100
Atmospheric Pressure (hPa) 500 to 1060

Overlay (Fully-Inflated) –
Height (Inches) 2 to 5 (@ top of foam wedge)
Width (Inches) 18
Length (Inches) 38
Weight (Pounds) 3.1

Limited Warranty:
Compressor Pump : 2 years
Electronic Controller : 1 years
Soft Goods: 1 Year
Battery: 6 months
Recliner Chair: 2 years