Stage IV 2000

The SenTech Stage IV® 2000 mattress replacement systems combine multiple therapies with advanced algorithms to determine and display the therapeutic support pressures, based on each and every patient’s entered height and weight.

Dynamic Alternating Pressure

Dynamic pressure redistribution is achieved by alternately inflating and deflating the mattress’s eighteen individual air cells every five minutes. This precise cyclic loading and off-loading provides maximum differentiation between the inflated and deflated cells. The result is superior pressure redistribution across the entire body contact area.

Immersive Air Flotation

The air flotation mode (or static mode) provides an even level of air support for immersion and pressure redistribution far superior to that of standard mattresses. The flotation mode of the STAGE IV® 2000 can be customized for each patient depending on the patient’s weight and height and the level of firmness or softness desired within a therapeutic range.

Microvent Technology® Low Air Loss

The patented low air loss cover provides a light and diffused air flow directly to the patient’s skin through thousands of microscopic holes in the top coverlet to address moisture and heat buildup aiding in microclimate management.

Reduction of Friction and Shear

All STAGE IV® systems are designed to address friction and shear. The cover material creates a low coefficient of friction between the patient’s skin and mattress, to reduce these damaging forces.

Additional System Features

  • Displays actual air cell pressures
  • Automatic pressures for weight and height settings
  • Air retained in case of power loss
  • Visual alarm
  • Rapid CPR pull
  • Therapy for patient to 500 lbs.

Additional Controller Features

  • Fowler boost mode adjusts the mattress pressures to provide continuous support when the bed is placed in a fowler position
  • Max inflate mode creates a firm surface to facilitate lateral transfers and various caregiver procedures
  • Deflate mode allows for quicker and more complete deflation when repackaging the mattress
  • Chair mode allows for connection to the SenTech alternating pressure Air Chair surfaces


Electronic Controller:
Dimensions: 14.5″ W x 6″ D x 12.2″ H
Stage IV 2000 – 17 lbs.

Electrical Parameters:
Power Requirements – 120V, 60 Cycle AC
Maxiimum Current – < 1.0 A

Operating Parameters:
Weight Range – 50-500 lbs.
Height Range – 46″ – 78″

Mattress Replacement:
Dimensions 36″ W x 80″ D x 8″ H
6.5” air cells integrated with a 1.5” foam base layer
Custom Widths Available: 39”, 42”, 48”, 54” & 60”
Mattress overlays also available in 4” and 5” heights

Stage IV 2000 – 23 lbs

Limited Warranty:
Compressor Pump : 3 years
Electronic Controller : 2 years
Soft Goods: 1 Year

Medicare code: E0277