Thera-Turn Millennium

Tridien Medical’s Thera-Turn Millennium is the most sophisticated, yet easy to use lateral rotation system on the market today. Incorporating state of the art digital and sensor technology, the Thera-Turn Millennium provides superior rotation along with unmatched patient comfort and unparalleled flexibility.


The Thera-Turn Millennium’s mattress replacement system is easy to install on any standard hospital bed. The eight (8) vertical air cells are individually zippered in place to maintain correct positioning and to ease in replacement. The outer edge cells (bolsters) continuously remain inflated to help support and position the patient. The comfort layer provides ultimate comfort for the patient while still allowing for effective lateral rotation. The entire mattress is housed in a medical grade fabric with the highest durability rating in the industry.

Mattress – Low Air Loss (additional feature)

Whether in the automatic rotation or hold mode, the low air loss feature can be activated to provide additional wound care therapy.

Only Tridien Medical’s Controlled Low Air Loss provides a gentle flow of air through the top cover to actually reach the patient’s skin.

This patented cover is machine washable and breathable, yet provides a barrier to moisture and microbe transmission.

State of the Art Features for Millennium Controller

  • Easy Touch Pad operation
  • Panel Lockout secures the panel from setting changes
  • Remains Inflated in case of power failure
  • Internal Sensors detect changes in pressure and automatically readjusts
  • Both Height and Weight Input allows for correct pressure for every patient
  • Internal Memory automatically remembers all settings in case of power failure
  • Firm Mode assists in patient transfers


Electronic Controller – Physical Dimensions:
Height (Inches) 12.1
Width (Inches) 14.5
Depth (Inches) 6.0
Weight (Pounds) 21

Electrical Parameters:
US and Canada:
UL2601 Classification Class I
Type B
Power Requirements 120VAC, 60Hz
Fuse 3.15A, 250V, Fast Acting (UL-Approved)
Maximum Current < 1.0A
Ground Protective Earth

Power Requirements 240VAC, 50Hz
Fuse 1A, 250V, Fast Acting
Maximum Current < 0.5A

Operating Parameters:
Weight Range (Pounds) 80-300
Height Range (Inches) 50-75
Turn Time Range (Minutes) 4-90 (Left/Right);
0-90 (Center)

Environmental Conditions:
Operating Conditions:
Ambient Temperature (oC) +10 to +40
Relative Humidity (%) 30 to 75
Atmospheric Pressure (hPa) 700 to 1060

Storage/Shipping Conditions:
Ambient Temperature (oC) -20 to +70
Relative Humidity (%) 10 to 100
Atmospheric Pressure (hPa) 500 to 1060

Mattress Replacement (Fully-Inflated) – Physical Dimensions:
Width (Inches) 36
Length (Inches) 80
Weight (Pounds) 24