A legacy of trusted industry partnerships in support surfaces

Saying that Tridien knows support surfaces puts it mildly. Our legacy companies were there when the market for medical-grade support surfaces was established, some eighty years ago. Some might say that our legacy companies helped build the industry. But one thing is confidently clear – we know your market.

We’ve earned our leadership position in support surfaces through hard work, commitment and focus. This single-minded dedication remains the driving force behind our continued success.

From hospitals to home care, we are here for whatever you need. Our customers trust us with the simple to the complex, the tried-and-true to the novel. Our capabilities are broad, our experience deep. Tridien is your trusted partner. As ever before.

Look to Tridien first for –

  • OEM, CM and private label manufacturing
  • Powered air cell-based support surfaces
  • Foam support surfaces (powered and non-powered)
  • Combination support surfaces with air cells and foam (powered and non-powered)
  • Surgical patient positioning devices
  • Rehabilitation/physical therapy positioners
  • Residence hall mattresses (universities, colleges, military bases, assisted living)


You may think of Tridien as a mattress manufacturer. We think of ourselves as an innovative and flexible partner for product development and manufacturing services, and ultimately, as a problem solver. We draw on decades of experience stemming from our mid-1990s acquisition of four pioneering companies in the support surfaces industry. Think of Tridien as your comprehensive, single destination for pressure-relieving mattresses and positioners. See all Capabilities >


Our product design and development process is called A.R.R.O.W. It is a lean yet scalable process that represents knowledge acquired over many years, and is applicable to both soft and durable goods. We strive to provide optimal results for our customers, making sure that your ideas always hit their mark, just like arrows. View Process Details >


Tridien has a rich history spanning decades. Ours is a mix of entrepreneurial spirit, acquisition and innovation. The result is inspired leadership in today’s complex markets.


Look to Tridien for flexible, reliable in-house manufacturing. Whether OEM, CM or private label, we can leverage decades of experience in each to meet your needs.


The industry knows us by our people as much as our products. At Tridien, every employee makes significant contributions every day. Allow us to introduce you to our executive management team.