Converting Materials and Components into High Quality Finished Products

Tridien has product design and manufacturing facilities in Florida, Indiana and California. Each adheres to good manufacturing practices (GMP), thus ensuring our manufacturing, testing, and quality procedures consistently deliver excellent output. Our facilities are certified to ISO-13485, FDA 21 CFR and CE standards.

Tridien is an in-house manufacturer with broad capabilities. We provide OEM, CM and private labeling services for medical mattresses, patient positioning devices and residence hall mattresses. By maintaining direct control over our manufacturing processes, we can apply tight quality standards and be responsive to changes in our customers’ demands and priorities. We are experienced in one-piece flow, as well as high and low-mix manufacturing, which support our goals of flexibility and reliability.

We are proficient in producing both durable and soft goods. Our core manufacturing competencies include assembling electronic controllers, as well as cutting, laminating, sewing and welding of foam and fabric.

Our state-of-the-art soft goods manufacturing processes include over 800 product patterns, which are used in computerized cutting machines. Subsequent processes available in all our plants include RF welding and industrial sewing. The electronic controllers we design and/or manufacture range from the simple to the computerized, with the most advanced systems containing over 8,000 lines of programming code.

Tridien is committed to Kanban utilization and lean manufacturing principles. We work hard to optimize manufacturing efficiency, quality and output; all while finding creative, sustainable ways to decrease overall supply chain costs.